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best game for ultimate stress relief

The game has some problems, I keep clipping through stuff, see the last part of this video:

Fun little puzzle game.

Level 13 keeps glitching for me, regardless of which block I push into the first hole, it doesn't fall and I can't finish the level. Also, I can move through blocks if they're up against the wall

Played through the game, I like it, can't wait for more levels

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Awesome game! Here's my play through!

Can't wait for more bro!

Great look, music and puzzles but the player I control keeps going past the boxes making the boxes not move :(

Apart from the ear rape I experienced at the first 2 block deep hole, great project! The 45 degree camera angle makes arrow key movement feel a bit off. If you were to rotate the camera like 15 degrees counter-clockwise, I think it would make moving feel a bit better.

Here is the video.

Cool puzzle game. I did a video for my YouTube channel. I'll do another one when there are more levels.

Very pretty!!! I love how you can just walk away too :D

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A Alfredo le gusta este comentario.

A Terio le gusta este comentario.

Al monigote no le gusta este comentario.

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Great game. simple and fun, good design, and just awesome. I'm really excited for future updates. A few bugs I found: Sometimes player clips through blocks, blocks can become offset from the grid, and sometimes player spins out of orientation. I would also love it if you made some harder levels.

Nice Game ;)

Little Mistakes : you write Opitions and Opitons to Options.

Hello! Nice work here. How to contact you by email about this game? Which engine was used in development?

Breaking news: It works on Windows XP!


Played through the game, I like it, can't wait for more levels. :) How many more are planned?


Hi! Thanks for playing :)

I planned two more worlds for next build.


Sweet. :) 20 more levels?

Precisely! :)